Our Coffee

ImageOnly the very best arabica beans get to be Schuil Coffee beans. They make quite a journey to your cup ...

Our beans come from small estates at higher elevations in some of the world’s most exotic locations. The coffee trees receive the utmost attention, taking several years to reach maturity and yielding just one to twelve pounds of coffee beans when harvested. Cherries holding two beans are selectively hand-picked from the tree at their peak of perfection. They’re washed, dried, and sorted. Then sorted again to be sure only the best beans will ever reach your cup. They’re tasted (we call it “cupping”), officially graded, and given a name. Now they’re ready to leave home.

It’s likely the beans rode out of the field on the back of a donkey, but by the time they reach our door they’ll travel by boat, truck, sometimes train too. So we know when they arrive, they’re some pretty important beans. But that’s only fitting. Our customers deserve the best.

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