March 06, 2019

There is a big difference between light roast and dark roast coffee. The difference is obvious when it comes to the taste and color of these two types of roast coffee. Bear in mind that coffee roasting comes with levels, and each level has a distinct flavor.  Remember people have different preferences when it comes to the selection of coffee. If you are a coffee fanatic, then you already know what you like in it. Whether it is light or dark roast coffee, they both have antioxidants and other health benefits. Roasting your coffee at home makes it even better because you are assured of the preserved quality. 

Yet, that is just the tip of the iceberg, let's get into the major differences between light and dark roast coffee. 

Comparison Between Light Roast and Dark Roast Coffee

Light roast gives you the original taste of coffee and does not in any way erode the natural qualities of your drink. If you want a complex flavor, the light version is indeed the best to go for. When brewing it, the aroma is sweet with multilayered complexity since the beans are not left to roast and burn to give out caramelized sugars.

On the other hand, dark coffee is a result of a prolonged roasting process and exposure to high temperatures. The original taste of the raw coffee is overshadowed but leads to new rich and sweet taste. Since the beans are oilier than the light roast ones, the coffee can be a little bitter, but the toasty taste is so refreshing. If it’s your favorite, you cannot enjoy any other level of the coffee roast because the taste of dark coffee is simply unique.

Light Roast Vs Dark Roast Flavors

The discussion between light roast and dark roast coffee has been going on for quite a long time. The two flavors are different, and each has its charming characters that add a great twist to coffee. You simply need to control your coffee roaster in order to get exactly what you want.

Light roast flavor has the original character of the coffee you choose to use. You can tell the difference between two types of coffee if you taste them in a light roast. However, not every coffee will taste nice in a light roast. Some get unpleasant flavors, such as cocoa, peanut or vegetable. Lightly-roasted coffee lacks balance in fruitiness, acidity, and body, but it is the best if you do not like the extreme taste of dark roast.

Dark roast coffee has a deep dark color with a rich chocolate taste. The process of making it produces oily beans and they are responsible for the bittersweet flavor and the dark color. However, if this coffee is prepared with low-quality raw coffee or by someone without any experience, you can end up with a charred, burnt and acrid taste, though there are people who will still love it. The dark coffee is for people who love the bitter flavor with a unique taste.

The color of coffee beans is different depending on what you decide to make. The light roast beans do not change their color. They usually remain with their brown blondish color whereas dark roasting turns to black and dark brown. The variation of the roasting process makes a difference.

The light roast takes a shorter time than the dark roast. Ultimately, the best flavor between the two is your personal preference. None of the flavors can be said to be better than the other. They have inherent uniqueness and rich added flavor, which is achieved through roasting.

Light Roast vs. Dark Roast Caffeine

When you take a cup of coffee in the morning, you expect it to give you a jolt and start your day on a good note. But, some people opt to take the dark roast coffee for a bigger impact. This is the mistake most people make. They think dark roast has more caffeine than light roast coffee. Others believe that roasting raw coffee to dark roast kills caffeine. Both versions are wrong and the truth is that the amount of caffeine does not change regardless of the process the green coffee is taken through when roasting. The roasting temperature does not exceed 470 degrees Fahrenheit and it takes more than 600 degrees to change the caffeine content of coffee beans. If you want to affect the amount of caffeine in your cup, use more coffee to make it.

Light Roast Vs Dark Roast Taste

The taste of light roast and dark roast coffee is very different. Coffee is an art where you can experiment with different variations to find your personal preference. The results are bold, and each has its unique characters. The roasting stages affect the final taste of your coffee and not only that, even the smell, physical look and texture.

A roasting machine brings out the uniqueness in coffee and it is inherent to give different tastes. This is one of the reasons coffee is among the most popular beverages used worldwide on a daily basis.

Depending on your location or heritage, roasted coffee has many styles, which include French roast, Spanish roast and Italian roast. These are just three of the many coffee roasts with distinct tastes. Europeans are known to love dark roasts and their versions are actually the darkest. You can buy already roasted coffee if you do not know how to achieve these tastes to perfection.

If you cannot tell which taste is the best, take time to try them all. You will definitely discover something new that will make your cup of coffee more enjoyable. You also get to feel how the light and dark roast tastes differ from each other.

Health Benefits of Roasted Coffee

Roasted coffee has health benefits and has been used for over a century. As early as 1930, Americans knew how to roast coffee. Today, roasting coffee is easy because you can buy a roasting machine and do it in your house.

There are also platforms where you can buy fresh raw coffee and get information regarding its origin. You are more in control of what you consume. However, you can still find already roasted coffee for sale. Depending on where you buy, you will get fresh and quality coffee.

Here are some health benefits of roasted coffee:

Slows Aging

Roasted coffee has antioxidants that prevent aging. Combining roasted coffee with a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables will help to counter cellular damage. Most people do not know that coffee is more abundant in antioxidants than vegetables.

Helps in Weight Loss

A cup of roasted coffee can help you prevent obesity. Caffeine enhances metabolism in the body and helps you burn calories despite having a busy schedule that leaves you with no time to exercise. It burns fat for up four hours after taking it.

Helps You Retain Focus

Roasted coffee contains caffeine and this is what enables you to maintain focused when you need it most. The coffee also makes you energetic, so with an alert mind your work and finish on your project faster after taking it. People going for an exam can enjoy a cup of coffee to keep them focused and increase their chances of performing well. Besides, roasted coffee can also help to improve your mental health and boost mood.

Good for Anxiety and Depression

The caffeine in roasted coffee helps to boost moods, and this is essential in people suffering from anxiety or depression bouts. It wards off the bad moods that can lead to a breakdown, which occurs when a depressed person feels overwhelmed by sadness. By taking between one and two cups of coffee daily, you can reduce the chances of developing depression or having an anxiety attack.

Helps To Prevent Some Diseases

Coffee is said to help in some diseases such as, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. It helps to drop sugar levels in the blood because it contains chlorogenic acid, which stimulates the secretion of insulin. Coffee also has some extracts believed to have neuroprotective effects on Alzheimer’s disease. Besides, being a strong antioxidant, coffee prevents oxidation in the body and this helps lower the risk of cancer.

Pros of Roasted Coffee

  • Roasted coffee has an enhanced aroma and a more vibrant smell than that of ordinary coffee. The earthy smell of the beans is so amazing and you will enjoy that cup of coffee due to the great taste and overwhelming rich flavor.

  • Roasted coffee has numerous health benefits including weight loss and cancer prevention. It also helps to prevent obesity and therefore lower the risk of premature death.

  • Roasted coffee is always fresh. It is not produced in mass and thus the manufacturer focuses on quality instead of quantity. You also can roast the coffee at home and you will definitely feel the difference; the quality is more excellent than the regular coffee for your local store.

  • Roasting allows the true colors of coffee to come out. This gives you a unique flavor, which is extremely tasty for anyone who loves coffee. You will never want to take the ordinary one once you taste freshly roasted coffee.

Cons of Roasted Coffee

  • It is not easy to attain your roasting level especially if you are still new with your roasting machine. It takes the experience to know when it’s ready
  • You cannot roast coffee in bulk and keep it for long-term use. If you try to keep some for more than two weeks, the rich taste will fade and even health benefits will decrease.

Types of Light Roast Coffee

Light roast coffee does not have oil and is not left in the roasting machine for long like darkly roasted one. It gives you light floral, fruity or fragrant coffee notes. Types of this coffee include New England, Light City, Cinnamon, and Half City. The coffee has a rich taste with the original coffee flavor.

Types of Dark Roast Coffee

Dark roast is almost black in color. This is due to the oil produced through the process and even the taste has noticeable bitterness. The dark coffee beans do not have much acidity, and every sip of the coffee gives you a strong flavor and rich dark coffee taste. Types of dark coffee available out there include New Orleans, Europeans, Italian, Viennese, French, Continental, and High.

The Winner

Both dark and light roast coffee versions have significant health benefits for humans. Their only difference is taste, flavor, smell and physical look. The active antioxidants help to prevent some health problems including cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and some neurological diseases. So, when choosing the finest between the two, the best would be the light taste.

Not because it’s any better, but it’s the one with a common taste that will not put you off. The light roast does not alter the original taste of coffee and is an easy way to go if you want to try roasted coffee for the first time. Then you can move gradually and adjust to other levels of roasting until you find the perfect one for you.

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