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Its delicious nuances transport us, connecting us to other nations… the people, their culture and politics, the climate and very soil of their distant landscapes.
Our family’s fascination with “specialty” sparked over 100 years ago when great-grandfather Herman Hamstra left The Netherlands for the U.S. Recognizing how much fellow immigrants missed their native foods, Herman worked hard establishing a specialty food importing business with offices in New York and Chicago.

For the next three generations, the family’s passion for gourmet foods held strong through eras of remarkably rapid change: fluctuating  economies, commodity and monetary values, changed transportation, trade laws, and consumer trends.
In the 1970’s another spark ignited, this time for Garry Schuil, the husband of Herman’s granddaughter. Traveling overseas, Garry experienced a cup of coffee unlike any he’d ever tasted… remarkably better than the low-grade coffees sold and served in the U.S.

At a time when the gourmet coffee industry didn’t exist, it was no small challenge to source coffee roasting equipment and connect with specialty coffee farmers. But by October 1981, perseverance paid off. Garry and his wife Gladys began roasting, packaging and selling the first specialty coffee beans in Michigan, eager to educate coffee buyers and consumers.

It’s our 4th decade now, and Greta Schuil is proud to continue the family business with the same passion her great-grandfather sparked 100 years ago. Today, like before, our buying team only sources, selects and imports the most prized arabica coffee beans of the crop. Our roasting team expertly roasts each coffee to release its most exceptional characteristics, managing production for optimal freshness.

Yet we maintain modest prices. How? Integrity, for one. Plus expertise and valuable relationships worldwide, established over the decades, have made us efficient. And, though the variables in gourmet coffee are complex, it’s rewarding and often exciting to skillfully manage them all. We love what we do – knowing we provide the very best there is, every single day.

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