A Rich, Deep Dive Into Decaf Coffee

A Rich, Deep Dive Into Decaf Coffee
Contrary to the popular mantra found on t-shirts, internet memes, and tattoo sleeves, we here at Schuil would not prefer death before decaf. Rather, we’d actually quite like to enjoy one of our many decaf offerings, perhaps as a sweet treat following dinner or when the jitters hit too hard after that third cup.
With a whopping 13 decaf Schuil coffees to choose from (not to mention over 50 decaf flavored coffees!), how do you know where to start?
The internet is rife with decaf dogma, and it’s easy to find yourself deluged in its discourse. Namely, consumers are concerned with the method caffeine is removed from coffee, and the effects that imparts on flavor, the environment, and your health.
Whether you’re a decaf lifer or enjoy it recreationally, we hope this lends both ease and insight. We’d love to hear your tales of tasting through our many decaf offerings in the review section of our web store - located at the bottom of every coffee product page.

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