Holiday Coffees to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Holiday Coffees to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

When it’s beginning to look like Christmas, it should smell and taste like it too! Schuil is excited to announce the launch of our seasonal winter flavors! Here are some holiday coffees to get you into the holiday spirit.

Holiday Blend - The best of the best all in one. Tart cherry seamlessly blended with chocolate, punctuated by punchy notes of almond. Think Christmas in a cup!

Nutcracker Sweet - It’s sweet with hints of walnuts and hazelnuts. A perfect combination meant to dance around your taste buds!

Gingerbread Man - Sweet honey, molasses, and warm spices all wrapped up into one cozy blend.

Pecan Pie - A delightfully decadent flavor inspired by the classic dessert. Sleigh your sweet tooth cravings with our Pecan Pie flavored coffee featuring notes of savory toasted pecans, warm spices, and a hint of sweet brown sugar.

Chocolate Avalanche - Stand back…it’s a Chocolate Avalanche! A rush of rich indulgent chocolate, toasted coconut, and velvety caramel mixed together to sweep you off your feet.

Candy Cane - This blend is a taste of fresh air. It’s peppermint and vanilla. It’s minty and it’s sweet. It’s candy cane in a coffee.

Pumpkin Spice - A fall favorite and a winter season must. This one will only be available until Thanksgiving, so make sure to stock up for the holiday season!


Please let me know when your Christmas flavors are available for purchase, thank you

Janet Lamrock

Anytime now?

Cathy metz

Will these be available soon? I have never seen them offered and can’t wait

Cathy metz

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