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Schuil Coffee Co. was founded in 1981 when Garry Schuil brought high-quality specialty coffees to America. He was the first to do so in Michigan. In the forty years since our founding, Schuil Coffee Co. has continued to grow as a business while maintaining our founder’s commitment to high quality. This is reflected in our fine coffee selection, friendly customer service, and most recently... our new store! 

When renovations began, we saw expansion as an opportunity to improve both customer and employee experience. As coffee shops have become places for both work and relaxation, we designed the new shop in a way that would cater to all types of customers. To support this idea, we constructed a large group area more conducive to focused work, separate from the main storefront. Both spaces will feature our beautifully redone store area, complete with new lighting and decorations. Outdoor seating with tables, pergola, and beautiful landscaping is also now available. In addition to changes to the building itself, we’ve expanded our selection of baked goods and coffee equipment for purchase so customers can attain shop-quality coffee in the comfort of their own home. 

Renovation means exciting news for our Schuil team as well! The new building has an office space for 8-12 employees, a revamped conference room and break room, and an entryway to facilitate the passage of wholesale orders. Finally, our new cupping lab was built to heighten the tasting and testing experience and to make it more accessible to our customers. We look forward to hosting cupping events here soon.

The project should be completed later this month. We can’t wait for customers to visit and experience, in a new way, the Schuil they know and love.

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Alexis Whaley
Alexis Whaley

October 17, 2021

Thank you for supporting Child Advocacy Centers of Michigan, Schuil Coffee!!

Kelly K Morris
Kelly K Morris

August 23, 2021

I just placed my first order and it’s shipping now. I love coffee and cannot wait to try this. It popped up on my Facebook newfeed…so I took a chance and ordered it. Especially since it’s a Michigan company….as I am a lifelong Michigan resident.

Mark Glogowski
Mark Glogowski

August 20, 2021

I had an expresso made of your coffee at a coffee shop and it was wonderful, but I don’t see an expresso bean available in your subscriptions. Is there any way I can get what you sell to the commercial market? You Bead & Breakfast blend is great btw.

Tina M Karle
Tina M Karle

July 10, 2021

Just got my first batch of trial packets today. Oh my gosh!!! Your coffee rocks! It tastes amazing! Way better than what I buy from the grocery store. That sweet Cherry tasted wonderful. I look forward to trying all the other flavors I got in the sample packs! I WILL be buying more in the future!

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