Partner Highlight - Marcona on Lyon

Partner Highlight - Marcona on Lyon

Our team is thankful for each of our retail partners every day, but especially during times like these. This month we’re featuring Marcona on Lyon, a Grand Rapids-based restaurant featuring modern Mediterranean cuisine in the Midtown neighborhood. Here’s our interview with Matt Overdevest, executive chef and co-founder of the restaurant:


What is the most enjoyable part of owning a restaurant?

The most enjoyable part of this business is our guests' reactions to their experience. A positive guest experience is immensely satisfying to our whole team and reminds us why we do this work. The other really enjoyable part is working on our teams’ growth through constant evolution of our menu, processes, and procedures.


What inspired your decision to offer Mediterranean cuisine?

Lots of things. The cultural significance and history of the region, the fact that it’s the only region in the world where three continents converge… plus, the food is delicious with emphasis on fresh ingredients, herbs, and spices.


What is your favorite dish?

Sliced Oranges (melon in the summer) with Moroccan Black Olive, Almonds, Mint, Honey, and Olive Oil.


Aside from cuisine, what is unique about your restaurant compared to others in Grand Rapids?

We are tiny! Only 46 seats. We focus on the whole experience and are very thoughtful and personal about everything we do from the Mediterranean wine list, seasonally curated cocktails, and an ever-evolving food menu.


What is your favorite coffee and menu item pairing?

Warm Stuffed Dates with Marcona Almonds and Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Sauce paired with our Turkish Coffee


What flavor notes do you look for and enjoy in your coffee?

I prefer the classic flavors of Columbian coffee with a nice chocolate undertone and balanced acidity.


Marcona on Lyon is currently closed due to world events, but hopes to open again in the future. Remember to shop and support local during this extraordinary time.

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